Starting money is calculated in the usual manner, regardless of a character’s social class. You may want to read a bit more about Victorian Money.

New Prices

The industrial revolution has made certain items much less expensive. Most archaic (traditional D&D) arms and armor are about the same, since they are not mass-produced these days. Following is a list of sale prices for other items, with those prices that differ in Victorian times listed in bold.

Backpack(empty)L21 lb
Barrel (empty)L130 lb
Basket (empty)4s1 lb
Bedroll1s5 lb
Blanket, winter5s3 lb
Block and tackleL31 lb
Bottle, wine, glassL11 lb
Bucket (empty)3s2 lb
CaltropsL12 lb
Candles, 51d
Canvas (sq. yd.)5d1 lb
Case, map or scrollL11/2 lb
Chain (10 ft.)L82 lb
Chalk, 1 piece1d
Chest (empty)L225 lb
CrowbarL15 lb
Firewood (per day)1d20 lb
Flask (empty)3d1 1/2 lb
Flint and SteelL1
Grappling hookL14 lb
Hammer 3s2 lb
Ink (1 oz. vial)5s
Jug, clay3d9 lb
Ladder, 10 foot5d20 lb
Lamp, common1s3 lb
Lantern, bullseye L63 lb
Lantern, hoodedL32 lb
Lock, very simpleL11 lb
Lock, averageL41 lb
Lock, goodL201 lb
Lock, amazingL1501 lb
ManaclesL82 lb
Manacles, masterworkL502 lb
Mirror, handheld5s1/2 lb
Mug/tankard, clay2d1 lb
Oil (1-pint flask)5d1 lb
Paper, 20 sheets1d
Pick, miner’sL110 lb
Pitcher, clay2d5 lb
Piton 1s1/2 lb
Pole, 10 foot 2s8 lb
Pot, iron5s10 lb
Ram, portableL1020 lb
Rations, trail (per day)5s1 lb
Rope, hemp (50 feet)5s10 lb
Rope, silk (50 feet)L85 lb
Sack (empty)1s1/2 lb
Sealing wax5s1 lb
Sewing needle1s
Signal whistle8s
Signet ringL5
Sledge L110 lb
Soap (per lb)2s1 lb
Spade or shovel5s8 lb
Spyglass L501 lb
Tent L520 lb
Torch1d1 lb
Vial, ink or potionL1
Waterskin L14 lb
Whetstone2d1 lb

Class Tools and Skill Kits

Chemist’s labL20040 lb
Artisan’s toolsL55 lb
Artisan’s tools, masterworkL555 lb
Climber’s kitL505 lb
Disguise kitL258 lb
Doctor’s kitL351 lb
Holly & Mistletoe
Holy symbol, woodenL1
Holy symbol, silverL251 lb
HourglassL251 lb
Magnifying glassL101 lb
Musical instrumentL53 lb
Musical instrument, masterworkL1003 lb
Scale, merchant’sL21 lb
Spell component pouchL53 lb
Spellbook, wizard’s (blank)L153 lb
Thieves’ toolsL201 lb
Thieves’ tools, masterworkL1002 lb


Victorian clothing is markedly different from traditional D&D garb. The following outfits are the most common items that might prove handy for an adventurer.

Academic’s robesL86 lb
Acrobat’s outfitL42 lb
Explorer’s outfitL2510 lb
Heavy coat, formalL43 lb
Heavy coat, laborer’sL23 lb
Lower class outfit5s4 lb
Middle class outfitL2010 lb
Top quality evening wearL10015 lb
Traveler’s outfitL15 lb
Upper class outfitL6510 lb
Votary’s vestmentsL56 lb
Waterproof layerL12 lb

Academic’s robes: These are the traditional robes worn by university professors. University graduates in wizardry also prefer these robes when practicing magic, due to their ease of movement.

Acrobat’s outfit: Acrobats are fantastically popular in Victorian times, and such clothing as leotards were first developed in this age to accommodate these performers. Although most pugilists strip to the waist when boxing, those of a more modest nature, or those who might perform before a mixed crowd, may choose to wear one of these outfits. This outfit alone is inappropriate for streetwear, but can comfortably be worn under regular clothes.

Explorer’s outfit: Those who travel to distant lands must be prepared for anything. This outfit is respectable enough for a middle- or even upper-class adventurer to wear when ordinary street clothes are completely impractical. It includes sturdy boots, many pockets, layering for varied climates, and of course a pith helmet.

Heavy coat, formal: This coat can be worn with middle- or upper-class attire, provided it has never been worn by someone while taking damage in battle, and gives a +1 against environmental cold.

Heavy coat, laborer’s: This plain but effective coat gives +1 against environmental cold.

Lower class outfit: This is the outfit to wear if you want to blend in among the working class. Although it includes shoes, they are thin and not much good for long marches.

Middle class outfit: These clothes can be worn by anyone who needs to appear respectable. They are useful for blending in among clerks other respectable businessmen.

Top quality evening wear: When you are going to a society ball and you must look as if money is no object, this is what you need. Such an outfit should be custom made to the wearer’s measurements, which requires a week’s notice unless you want to pay more for a rush job.

Traveler’s outfit: These clothes are simpler than the explorer’s outfit, involving little more than a basic lower-class outfit with sturdy fabrics and decent shoes.

Upper class outfit: These top-quality clothes are custom-made from the finest fabrics. Such an outfit should be tailored to the wearer’s measurements, requiring a week’s notice unless you want to pay more for a rush job.

Votary’s vestments: These clothes are not worn by all votaries. Primarily they are worn by official members of the clergy, but nurses have lately adopted a similar habit.

Waterproof layer: This overcoat is stiff and unfashionable, but it does keep the rain off. It also smells so strongly that people can smell one from across the street, even in the stink of London.


New Items:
Bicycle 10 gp 40 lb
Book, paperback 1 sp 1 lb
Book, 3 vol. hardcover 3 gp 3 lb
Coal 1 cp 1 lb
Gun cleaning kit 5 gp 4 lb
Matches (box of 50) 5 sp —
Newspaper 1 cp —
Pocket watch 30 gp —
Table clock 30 gp 3 lb
Grandfather clock 400 gp 100 lb
Syringe 1 gp —


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